.:: Israeli Pitch Process:CD01 ::.

Progressive Trance with an assortment of established and new artists from around the globe.
After the success of Israeli flip on Henfield, his first compilation,
Dj Asherun comes back again, with a second compilation, this time on his own new label Dance N Dust.

.:: ProGrassive:02 ::.

Dance n Dust records new cd compilation gives you a new generation of sounds and artists.
You will find here very nice tracks that collect sounds from Israel, Sweden, Germany and Kroatia.
This cd is compiled by Dj Asherun and give you the sound you like, from psy progressive minimal up to full on psy morning music.

.:: Dusty Nation part 1:CD03 ::.

This cd is a morning compilation and it's a hot and groovy sound.It is the third compilation of this promising Israeli label.
This cd compiled by
DJ Asherun a traveler dj that collect this sound from all over and bring this to his label.

.:: Dusty Nation part 2:CD04 ::.

Here come the secound part of dusty nation story... ...after a great dusty nation 01 we released the secound part this time full power music even that the trax name are progressive, they got a massive sound and a morning psy full power, in here u will found some of the most knowing artist.

.:: Threshold Prod:EP01 ::.

The new talent artist Threshold Productions comes from Sweden...
...in a massive sound of scundo psy progressive music..
Groove is the name of that music, fat kiky sexy,
hot and cleen in a high work production.

.:: Double D:CD05 ::.

All tracks have a high production level, are funky, hot and massive,
very groovy and just made for the dance floor.

 .:: Decoy:Not Responding To Light :CD06 ::.

Here it finally comes. Dance N Dust Records is proud to present the debut "Not Responding To Light" masterpiece, made by the duo Decoy - Ian Chaplin and Philip Rex from Victoria , Australia , who have previously been featured on releases from Dance N Dust Records and Green Ant.

.:: dusty nation part three ::.

Various Artists - Dusty Nation Part Three (Dance N Dust Records)
Dance N Dust Records is proud to present the 3rd compilation in the "Dusty Nation" series. DJ Asherun has compiled 9 exclusive progressive psytrance tracks, ranging from deep tribal beats ovemorning.

.:: El Zisco - Behind The Mirage:cd 08 ::.

el zisco sound is crisp and delicate progressive trance music, with crossover elements from psychedelic trance, progressive house, tech house and tribal. Both style and substance for home listening, but certainly also with punch and grooves for the dance floor.

.:: decoy - push button pony:cd 09 ::.

The new album Push Button Pony is following the debut album "Not Responding To Light" - this time with even phatter production, deeper tribal grooves, more elements from the progressive house scene and even more blissful dance floor moments, but still with Decoys unique progressive sound, fusing traditional instruments with infectious psychedelic trance grooves and a good amount of funk.

.:: flame on fire - misson emotion cd 010 ::.

Dance n dust is proud to present MISSION EMOTION the new debut concept album by the upcoming master of groove FLAME ON FIRE. His new project, an exclusive, fat bass – lined groove creation is a delicious dish indeed! Minimal touches and a funky bouquet combined with polished metallic cymbalwork make this album a unique experience for the fans of progressive tech-house and electronic – so just take a bite and let it melt in your mouth.