.:: Dusty Nation part 2:CD04 ::.

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1) FREq - Time stretcher
2) M.O.S - Zugstufe (Ticon rmx)
3) Remote access - Shitty blues
4) Ticon - Cosmic bowling
5) Etnoscope - Nordic fury
6) Sonnenvakuum - Lan
 7) Threshold Productions - Red square
8) Sensient - Bawak (tribalistic society rmx)
9) Itaitaiko - The only choice

.:: Release Info ::.

Here come the secound part of dusty nation story...

...after a great dusty nation 01 we released the secound part this time
full power music even that the trax name are progressive,
they got a massive sound and a morning psy full power,
in here u will found some of the most knowing artist.

This cd is a morning groove full power you can enjoy it listening at home,
but beter at your party,
the cd colect and compiled by DJ Asherun the owner of Dance N Dust records.

We hop u like his taste of music and dont forget that copy kill your music!

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