.:: Double D:CD05 ::.

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1) Shaman - Bomullstuss
2) Decoy - Fatty finn
3) Pythagoraz - Constrainment
4) Dj Asherun vs Darwish - We are stoned
5) Remote access - Doors to dream
6) El Zisco - Littleway
7) Decoy - Suparoo
8) Itaitaiko - In the groove
9) Threshold Productions - Sound system

.:: Release Info ::.

The artists comes from all over the world.

All tracks have a high production level, are funky, hot and massive,
very groovy and just made for the dance floor.

This cd is promoting some of our artists which will come up
with a full length album later on, like Decoy from Australia or Treshold productions from

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