.:: dusty nation part three ::.

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1)Pythagoraz - Once Upo n A Time
2)El Zisco Del Aire
3)Decoy - Spindle Trooper
4)Flam On Fire - 5 Bit away
5)Shaman - Structure Of Sound
6)Solano -  Inovation
7)El Zisco - Sabor A Techno
8)Decoy - Atom Suit
9)Threshold Productions - Highway 420

Various Artists - Dusty Nation Part Three (Dance N Dust Records)
Dance N Dust Records is proud to present the 3rd compilation in the "Dusty Nation" series. DJ Asherun has compiled 9 exclusive progressive psytrance tracks, ranging from deep tribal beats over morning atmospheres to electro-sounds.
First of all, the compilation contains tracks by some of Dance N Dust Records most well-known in-house acts: the Australian live-sensation Decoy, who recently released their debut album "Not Responding To Light" on Dance N Dust Records, are featured with 2 deep, tribal tracks, and another act featured with 2 tracks is El Zisco. El Zisco has been DJ'ing for years in the German scene, playing at festivals like VooV and Fusion - as a producer he started to get noticed last year, and has so far released on labels like Plastik Park, Synergetic, Iono and of course Dance N Dust Records - also watch out for his upcoming debut album coming out on Dance N Dust Records later this year.
The Scandinavian sound is represented by three artists: Pythagoraz from Denmark, whose sweet morning sounds have already fascinated many people, Threshold Productions, whose progressive house fusion sounds have charmed big labels like Baroque and RPO Records, and finally one of Swedens most well-known progressive psytrance acts, Shaman, is represented with a teaser for his upcoming album, due to come out on Plusquam Record
Last but not least are the two acts Flame On Fire and Solano. Flame On Fire from Greece, who some might know for the releases on Candyflip and Groove Control, provide the compilation with a real dancefloor smasher, and finally we have a real discovery called Solano - a Swiss act with a track that'll for sure impress the electro-fans in the scene.
Have a nice summer, and enjoy the dust!