.:: Decoy:Not Responding To Light :CD06 ::.

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1) The ride
2) Milkiness of infancy
3) Snakey wave
4) Pio pio
5) The feral kid
6) Akoha
7) Playing 4 time
8) Rainwashed
10) Ornette's nest

.:: Release Info ::.

Here it finally comes. Dance N Dust Records is proud to present the debut "Not Responding To Light" masterpiece, made by the duo Decoy - Ian Chaplin and Philip Rex from Victoria , Australia , who have previously been featured on releases from Dance N Dust Records and Green Ant.

Ian and Philip are real musicians, coming from a background of playing jazz music world wide. Their skills aren't limited to synthesizers and computers, but they are gifted musicians who also master instruments like contrabass, saxophone, piano, drums, bass guitar and percussion - something that shines through in their productions that contain elements of Brazilian music, Samba, Jazz and Tribal psytrance.

"Not Responding To Light" is psy music when it's best - every track is different from the next, ranging from great, groovy progressive tunes to massive, pumping psychedelic trance, that will burn the dance floor. Despite the albums clear dance floor qualities, it is also made with the home listener in mind - and the rich variety ensures that there's something for everyone on the album.

The production is of course top-notch, and the mastering is done by no less than the Swedes Sebastian and Marcus from Son Kite and Minilogue at the High Hat studios - ensuring a marvellous hot, rich sound.

This is the Decoy story. Enjoy.

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