.:: Pythagoraz ::.

Pythagoraz is the solo-act of Danish Trance Producer: Rasmus Tue Jørgensen, born 1983 in Copenhagen and also known as one half of the Progressive Trance group TimeDrained'.

He started playing classical piano as a child. After Elementary School, he attended different music schools, where he played piano in bands and studied music theory. He was introduced to the computer as a musical workstation by a teacher at one of these schools and he started making music using the software sequencer 'Cubase vst.'. For a few years he had freelance jobs for Ark Studio, a recording studio in Copenhagen where he mostly produced Hip Hop and other sorts of popular music.

In 2000 he was introduced to some of Iboga Records' minimalistic Trance by a friend and was immediately blown away by the atmospheric ambient sounds and deep bassy rhythms. He started making electronic dance music in his spare time. Around Christmas 2004 he decided to concentrate on making Progressive Trance, and in 2005 he got his first release on Dance N Dust Records.

Pythagoraz' style is heavily based on the elements in electronic dance music
which provoke you into the trance-like state that can be achieved when dancing to monotone rhythms.
His sound can be described as a mixture of bright atmospheric sounds and uplifting synthesisers that float around and rip holes in ambient soundscapes,
while tight rhythms of crunchy drumloops and deep basslines
make out for the steady and danceable foundation.

Pythagoraz´ website: http://www.pythagoraz.com/