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Decoy is Ian Chaplin, Philip Rex, and a bunch of stuff that you plug in, put in your hands, pluck, stroke, blow, tweak and tap. They have been playing music together for over 15 years. ( yes, they are older than some ) Having come from a background of music which didn't have so many things to plug in and operate, they were both very good on their instruments, or so they say? No, seriously they are still quite good. Most of these musician types think that they have something to offer the world, and these guys are no exception, though I'm still not convinced! They have played with some people who are also quite good, or did I hear that from someone else? They gave up on being so serious, thank god, and started to like things which are fun, ie: dancing in the mud, dust, heat and listening to music that is not quite so serious, but yet, still doesn't have the egomaniacal singer, thinking that everyone is only there to see them. Ughhhh!! ( Yes, I don't like them much either!) The good thing about this electronic thing is most of the time you can't even see who is playing cause your just too high to see that far, or you're not sure if you want to look at them, for fear they might not fit your picture.( Kind of like when you read a book and then see the movie.) Anyhow, this suits them and they seem to be happy, though I don't know them that well. So, there's some music here to listen to and if you like it they told me to thank you and come to the next gig they do, wherever it is, buy their music and sit up like a christian ( Muslim Bhuddist Jew Hindu or anything else that might be of your liking); whatever that means. Oh, and here's some of the parties and festivals they have played at: Rainbow Serpent, Vuuv, Glade, Wonderland, Maitreya, Phonoscope, The Awakening, Earthcore, Earthdance ( Melbourne and Sydney ), Winter and Summer Solstice parties ( Melbourne and Cairns ) Hydra, Ultraworld, Greenant Full Moon, Tribeadelic, Namaste, St. Kilda Festival, Interview, Sunnyside Up, Fireart ( Cairns ), Electronica, Tahiti festival, New Caledonia music en out festival, and other stuff that they can't remember so why should you. Here's some music they have made : 1999 Subversion ( Ep ) 2000 Leviathon and the Airpump ( Ep ) 2001 Tempt to Take ( EP ) 2002 Psyburbia ( comp.) Green Ant 2003 The third encounter ( comp ) Green Ant Rainbow Serpent 2003 ( comp ) Green Ant 2004 Rainbow Serpent 2004 ( comp ) Green Ant 2005 Double D ( comp ) Dance'n'Dust Kodama ( comp ) Plusquam 2006 Not responding to light ( full length cd ) Dance'n'Dust Dusty Nation part 3 ( comp ) Dance'n'Dust 2007 Archipelago Remixed ( comp ) Digital Structures Push Button Pony ( full length cd ) Dance'n'Dust Bush Food ( comp ) Zenon 2008 The Imps ( project with Seb and Marcus aka: Minilogue/Son Kite) due for release early 08 on Mule records, and two tracks (collaboration ) on the soon to be released Minilogue double cd on Cocoon records

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Philip Rex

Philip Rex is one of Australia 's most in demand musicians, being a leading exponent of the Double Bass. Musicians and critics everywhere have noted his musical skill and versatility, both as an instrumentalist, band leader, and producer.

Having been firmly established in the Australian Jazz scene since he was seventeen, Philip has become a member of many of the country's finest groups, and has toured extensively throughout Australia and around the world. He has studied with jazz legends Ray Brown and Eddie Gomez in the United States, and has performed or recorded in small group settings with international touring artists such as Johnny Griffin, Jimmy Cobb, Steve Lacy, Andrew Hill, Arthur Blythe, Vincent Herring, Louie Bellson, Joe Williams, Eddie Henderson, Cindy Blackman, John Stubblefield and Horace Tapscott.

Philip has made an impression as one of the truly versatile players of his instrument and, aside from his experience in the jazz field, plays regularly in Reggae, Tango, Funk, Brazilian, Cuban, and Electronic Dance acts. He is remarkable for his ability to adapt the seemingly cumbersome Double Bass into almost any style of music.

He is founder and co-producer of the Australian group Decoy , which combines contemporary dance grooves with elements of instrumental jazz and world musics. As a bass player, Philip has a natural instinct for improvisation and melody, and is particularly known for his strength of groove and sound on the instrument. In Decoy he comes into his own with an impressive array of effects, producing percussive synth-like lines and screaming acid tones which he contrasts with the natural resonance of the instrument.

Philip plays regularly with local legends Ian Chaplin, Bernie McGann, Dale Barlow, Scott Tinkler, Joe Chindamo, Mark Fitzgibbon, Nichaud Fitzgibbon, Doug DeVries, Rebecca Barnard and Ross Hannaford amongst others, and has spent time in Mark Simmons' Freeboppers and the Vince Jones band. Philip is also a founding and current member of the Australian Art Orchestra.

In 1998 Philip shared an Aria win with close musical colleague Ian Chaplin for Best jazz Album

Ian Chaplin

Ian Chaplin is as well known for his contribution to jazz in this
country as he is for his ability to excite audiences both here and overseas.
After moving to Melbourne in 1986, Chaplin became a household name
within the local jazz scene, performing with local legends Ted Vining,Vince Jones, Paul Grabowsky, and a list of others too long to mention.
He has also performed and recorded with international artists such as
Nat Adderley, Dewey Redman, Eddie Henderson, Andrew Hill, Steve Lacy,
Albert Collins, Ed Schuller, George Coleman Jnr., and many others.
In 1990-1991, Chaplin traveled to New York on a scholarship to study
with saxophonists George Coleman and Dewey Redman. He also performed in
clubs with Nat Adderley and Dewey Redman, as well as recording with the latter.
Chaplin's recording career is just as impressive. He has appeared on no
less than twenty albums and CDs, with the likes of Vince Jones, Paul Grabowsky, Ted Vining trio, and the Australian Art Orchestra (where hesat on the board of directors as the musician's representative), and was also a founding member, as well as recording with his own groups.In 1997, Chaplin's first solo album, 'Tjapangati,' received an Aria
nomination for best jazz album. In 1998, his second release, 'The Future in Today,' was again nominated, and this time went one step further and won the Aria for best jazz album.
Philip Rex has been a close musical associate and friend throughout this period, being the bassist of choice for Chaplin, which led to the formation of Decoy in 1994. This close musical relationship continues today with Decoy's movement into the electronic music scene.
Chaplin still keeps one foot firmly planted in the jazz and Latin scenes whilst
moving forward into unknown territories.