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Rise (progressive house/trance)
Euphoria (progressive trance/full on)

Jannick Andersen, perhaps better known under his DJ-name pr0fane, is a long
time dedicated listener of electronic music, first getting introduced to
acts like Kraftwerk by his uncle, and later a quite loyal follower of of
groups like The Prodigy and Chemical Brothers in their early days. In 1997
he got exposed to psychedelic trance music for the first time, and has been
a huge fan of this subgenre ever since.

His huge passion for psychedelic dance-music has made him a respected
reviewer and writer for sites like denmarks biggest trance-recourse
trancetunnel.dk, the massive trance-portal isratrance.com and the annual
Trancers Guide To The Galaxy Magazine, published in 25,000 copies by the
people behind Chaishop.com and Mushroom Magazine.

It wasn't until a few years ago before he started to get really interested
in playing the music seriously though, but since then things have moved very
fast, peaking with a long chillout-set at Denmarks biggest festival at the
time, Scandinavian Electronic Music Festival 2004, and since then playing at
different indoor and open air locations around the country - the most
memorable being Middle Earth Festival 2005.

His broad taste enables him to play very varied sets, depending on the type
of party, crowd and time. From deep, grooving progressive house or uplifting
progressive delights to storming full on partymusic or delicious
chillout-sessions - always with focus on selecting the most interesting and
enjoyable tunes, maintaining a steady flow and a high level of technique.