.:: El Zisco ::.

Based in the german psytrance-capital Hamburg and originally born in Chile, El Zisco is one of the rising stars of the progressive wave, recently getting featured on compilations from well-respected labels like Dance N Dust Records and Plastik Park.

Despite being a relatively new name on releases, he has been a part of the German scene for many years, both as a producer and since 1998 also as a DJ. His talents in DJ'ing has brought him to play at some of the biggest psychedelic festivals in Germany (and in Europe), including the mother of all psychedelic trance festivals, VooV Experience, where he played a very memorable set in front of a thrilled audience on the alternative stage in 2004. Other famous festivals where he has played include Lovefield 2003, Excalibur 2003 and Fusion Festival, where he has played no less than 3 times (2002, 2003 and 2005)!!

El Ziscos sound as a producer is a delicate blend of progressive psytrance, progressive house, tech house and tribal elements - very tight and stylish, and with a production of seriously high quality.

Expect an album coming out on Dance N Dust Records in 2006.