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"Dance N Dust" records was started by Asher Ezra (DJ Asherun) in 2001. After years of working with different labels in the scene Asher decided do things his own way, and so "Dance N Dust" was born. The sound of "Dance N Dust" can best be described as groovy, progressive trance with a high level of production from artists from all parts of the world - countries like Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Australia, Israel, Holland, Poland, Greece, Croatia and other countries around the globe have so far been represented on the labels releases. Our first release, the CD "VA - Israeli Pitch Process" marked the beginning of the label, and since then other great releases have followed. Our vision is to bring groovy music to the dance floor, but to keep a steady progress with every release - something we consider different from what a lot of labels are doing. So far "Dance N Dust" has gathered some inspiring, fresh talents in its artist-pool. Artists like: Decoy (Australia), combining jazz elements with psychedelic trance. Threshold Productions (Sweden) with his fat, housey progressive sound. El zisco (germany) with his tribal tech music, flame on fire (Greece) minimal tech house and many more. Also our releases have included tracks by some of the most influential progressive artists like Son Kite, Ticon, Vibrasphere, FREq, Shaman, Tribalistic Society , Sensient and Etnoscope. In time we hope to make "Dance N Dust" into a key player on the world wide progressive and electronic scene - releasing high quality releases with both well-established artists and new, inspiring talents. Fresh, inspiring, groovy, progressive music

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